Outdoor WiFi

MyComms can offer solid reliable networks in large open spaces including stadiums, small towns, holiday parks, marinas, and community spaces. We can provide your outdoors space with integrated intelligent network providing a user experience that helps communicate information from your community or network of surrounding businesses.

MyComms is at the forefront of providing tailored messaging and Mobile App integration to organisations that need to continually connect with their target customer. Let us build, maintain and fully manage your outdoor WiFi network

Managed WiFi

MyComms can provide your facility with a fully managed WiFi solution. All internet connectivity, security, captive portal and integration functionality can be provided as components of the fully managed solution.

Our trained engineers will undertake a Wireless site survey to determine the coverage and capacity required to provide your venue with a quality robust solution. Detailed coverage and network integration reports will be provided to you as part of the proposal process. Security is paramount to any service provided by MyComms. We adhere to all the existing Government security requirements. Our systems utilise filtering and system event monitoring software to provide security to the highest level

Temporary WiFi

MyComms can provide temporary wireless Internet for Events, Conferences, Festivals, Functions, Conventions and Businesses which require a temporary high speed internet service. Don’t pay for costly fixed internet services you may only use a few times a year. Our Fixed Wireless Internet packages are competitively priced and include basic setup costs.

All MyComms services have unlimited data downloads, excluding any illegal downloading. Speeds are variable based on the solution provided. If there are multiple events on in one location, discounts can be provided for leaving equipment in place between events.

Permanent WiFi

MyComms supplies services for both temporary and permanent WiFi solutions. We have a dedicated team that will work with your organisation to determine the best network configuration along with complementary services including Network Security, CCTV integration, Facial Recognition, Webcasting, Digital Signage, Mobile App Portal Integration and Core Internet Connectivity.

MyComms has expertise in delivering networks on scale and will work with your organisation’s Facilities Management team. We have provided permanent WiFi solutions for some of Europe’s largest event sites. Including the provision of on-going maintenance support and upgrades as required.

In-House WiFi

MyComms managed WiFi platform is a highly scalable communications platform which enables services to be managed and implemented in Enterprise environments.

The managed in-house platform is capable of providing highly configurable user management across multiple locations as well as support for delivering unique User Experiences across multiple VLANs and SSIDs.

All the pictures have been places, or events, we have supplied highspeed, ultra-reliable WiFi.

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