Webcasting & Streaming

About Live Streaming

Webcasting is a media presentation that is shared to the internet using streaming media technology to distribute a content source to lots of simultaneous viewers or listeners. Webcasting can be either Live, or on demand by user. Essentially, webcasting is TV Broadcasting but over the internet rather than on Television Sets.

Television broadcasting has long been the domain of the major television networks for the past 60 years, however this has changed in the past few years. The advent of the internet and broadband internet access has seen live webcasting become more and more popular. The difficulty with it, of course, is that it’s dependent upon a reliable internet connection. That’s fine if you’re sitting in an office, using your normal work computer and internet connection, but what if you want to do something a bit more creative?

MyComms enables your networks so you can do a live webcast from your next conference, event, stadium or facility. MyComms has partnership agreements with Sky Television, Virgin Media and Red Bull TV, and has regularly provided network broadcast connectivity for World Snooker and World Darts.

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