Country & Rural

What is it?

Country and Rural locations in the UK have often been left out when it comes to internet connections and speeds. These beautiful locations struggle on the current copper infrastructure, due to being too far from the nearest exchange. This solution gives the Internet to those locations.

Who is it for?

We know that it’s not only just individuals who struggle with poor internet in the countryside; but it can affect small businesses, families, even schools and whole communities. We hope to make an impact on those struggling to connect.

How it works

We use point-to-point microwave technology that broadcasts the internet from one location to another, along with poles, masts or pylons. This system paired with a good knowledge of a network, we can supply connections in areas that need it most.

What its all about!

Utilising point to multi-point microwave technology, powered by fibre internet, gives us a new way to get high-speed internet connections to those hard to reach places. All without the need for a copper telephone line, or being close to the nearest telephone exchange.

How it works.

New combinations of fibre and wireless technologies give us the ability to supply the internet from heavily populated urban areas, over to villages nearby and small towns. From these points, we can further extend our internet coverage to other hard to reach areas. We add more points on our network, on existing telegraph poles and masts etc.

Who its for and how to get it!

We can supply high-speed internet to towns, villages, businesses and local communities where other providers have failed to do so. Our standard install is £199 – providing you with a  30mb download and 10mb upload internet service, without data limits.  The monthly cost starts from £35.00 on an initial 24-month contract. You will not need to keep your copper phone line. If you would like to keep your phone service we have a solution which works on our network.

For more information, Contact us referring Country and Rural service to see if we can supply high-speed internet to you.


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