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GDPR Livescan compliance solution

Get your business GDPR compliant today with the GDPR Livescan compliance solution

What is GDPR?

GDPR stands for: General Data Protection Regulation.

It takes affect from 25th May 2018 and takes over the Data Protection Act 1998.

Non-compliance with GDPR legislation could lead to penalties being imposed on businesses, both big and small.

We have developed an innovative solution, GDPR Livescan. The GDPR Livescan solution is able to monitor every aspect of your data and network security for your business environment, in order to help you deliver your GDPR compliance. By using this device to constantly monitor, second-by-second, the sensitive data you are responsible for, you will comply with the GDPR requirement for monitoring, as well as be alerted to issues you may have with your data and network security that you are unaware of.

Features of The GDPR Livescan.

Live multi-computer monitoring.

Our device has the ability to scan all computer estate on your network as it constantly monitors for GDPR breaches in real-time.

Instantly flag breaches with live alerts.

As a breach occurs, our system will log details of the event, record it on the GDPR unit & instantly alert you, thereby allowing you to address the issues.

Detailed technical audits.

Audit PCs on your network from a web-based platform and get in-depth info on every PC’s mac address, processor count, licence keys, machine id, and more.

Remote access to GDPR device.

Manage your network, estate, rules, audits, reports and more, all from your user web platform, sitting only on your device and exclusively available to you.

More information can be found @ www.GDPRLivescan.co.uk