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Wi-Fi Vs. Internet

A short article that will help you to define the main differences between Wi-Fi & Internet

Wi-Fi & Internet; Same Thing Right? Wrong…

Wi-Fi and The Internet are two completely different things. Yes, that’s right; They are both distinctly different things, part of the same system. For many years, the word Wi-Fi has been used to define access to the internet. Where most of us use “Wi-Fi” as a shortened version of our home broadband internet connection. When traveling around, free Wi-Fi is seen as free internet; and who can resist a free internet, when data cost so much, right?

Knowing of the difference in Wi-Fi and Internet connections can help you to troubleshoot at home, making the right choices when buying new equipment, and most importantly, help to understand the risks of using free Wi-Fi Networks.

Simply put, Wi-Fi is the substitute to having network cables as a way to connect devices of a local area network (LAN). Before Wi-Fi was around, the only way you could connect devices together was to physical network cables device to device. Wi-Fi allows devices to connect and communicate with each other, the same way as they would if were wired. A Wi-Fi network is a wireless local network.

Most commonly known as the wide area network (WAN), the internet connects and communicates with computers from around the world. The truth behind it is this; The Internet connects many local area networks together, by each separate router, and your home connection becomes part of the World Wide web.

It’s important to keep the following in mind when connecting to an unknown Wi-Fi network. To get access to the internet, you must first connect to their router; which the owner of that router can potentially see all the information that out are sending to and from the network, this includes usernames and passwords. With that said, when you are using a Free Wi-Fi network, make sure to avoid; typing any sensitive information, using online banking etc. It’s good to remember that Wi-Fi networks provided by know entities, such as an office, large brand, local council, will generally be more secure than a Wi-Fi network in a small independent business.

Here at MyComms we specialise in supplying internet based solutions for small to big businesses, big brands, sports events, corporate meetings, and much more. The Internet is a very broadly used term, and we have a broad range of solutions to cover it all. Make sure you visit our website for more information, and to get your quote today! We hope this article has helped you to define the difference between Wi-Fi and Internet

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