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WiFi Sectors

At MyComms we aim to supply WiFi to as many Public and Private sectors as possible


Internet and WiFi access is no longer a luxury. It has evolved to become core infrastructure needed by all Educational Institutions. MyComms managed services are used in a variety of Educational Institutions. Providing quality coverage, access and sustainable bandwidth is a necessity combined with Site Filtering and Network security MyComms has developed a complete solution for many large campuses.

MyComms specialised network security solution monitors all site traffic, reports on threats and enables network management of all Data traffic


MyComms builds, manages and maintains WiFi networks for enterprise venues and organisations. From shopping centres to stadiums MyComms has deployed networks on scale for some of the largest organisations in the United Kingdom


Healthcare facilities will benefit from having a guest WiFi Network, with increased patient satisfaction, perhaps leading to faster recuperation. Communication is of paramount importance and providing your patients the ability to email, access Social Media and the Internet makes their stay more enjoyable. As well as Internet access, the WiFi Service gives your facility the ability of offer information to patients, or to push content to them via the login screens. Important announcements and information can be displayed on the User Experience Portal, making the WiFi system a valuable resource to all. Patients, visitors, staff and consultants will benefit from Internet access to keep then in touch with work and loved ones. It is MyComms aim is to provide exceptional value to your facility as well as enhance patient and visitor services. In many cases, installations are provided free of charge to the facility with great value for money plans for paid guest access. We even return a percentage of all revenue collected to the facility. Utilising both existing and new WiFi infrastructure MyComms can optimise your network and provide a robust, secure and high performance service that will fulfil your Guest Internet requirements. MyComms will design the WiFi service to suit your exact requirements with branded User Experience Portals and extensive authentication methods to access the Internet, we have a solution to suit any medical facility.


One of the biggest benefits offered by free WiFi is increased time spent on the premises. Customers are bound to stay longer if they can remain connected. In a recent study by Small Business Trends as many as 62 percent of businesses pointed out that their customers spent more time in their facility or shop if WiFi access was offered and around 50 percent of customers spend more money as well. It is a common misconception of hospitality businesses to believe that customers are simply hanging around, taking up the space and are not spending much. They are wrong. Only a few of the businesses surveyed pointed out that the customers spend less and simply hang around if free WiFi is made available.

At MyComms we believe in the use of Captive Portal technology. If your business offers it’s customers a “free” service we believe in return your business should receive a return on this operating cost. Through not only increased sales but the use of data at the point of subscription to your WiFi network. Increase sales, attract more customers, provide better customer service by deploying WiFi at your hospitality venue.


Museum visitors’ expectations and needs are constantly evolving and so is your venue. In this fast-paced technological world, we need to keep a few steps ahead and ensure we are delivering exciting and innovative ideas. MyComms can offer an excellent feature set that both visitors and your organisation can benefit from.


More than 90 % of consumers use their Smartphones while shopping in stores, so consumers are relying more on their mobile devices to communicate, research products and acquire information. As a result, retailers need to prioritise mobile as a key communication and engagement channel.

After all, more than 90% of consumers use their smartphones while shopping in retail stores, according to a survey from SessionM.com. While more than approximately 54% of consumers use their devices to compare prices, others search for product information (48.4%) and reviews (42%). Although smartphones now giving consumers immediate access to vital product information, the brick-and-mortar store still adds value by allowing consumers to touch and try on products before they make a final decision.

At MyComms we strive to deliver our retail customers engaging WiFi services which deliver personalised interactions while their consumers are in-store.


Stadium infrastructure can be a challenging and demanding environment to provide robust WiFi communications services. MyComms WiFi utilises the most scalable, secure equipment to cater for the demands of high capacity crowds. MyComms provides a full infrastructure deployment service from a variety of high specification WiFi vendors and on top of this we layer our Management and Security Platforms, providing complete control and management of the network. Enterprise networks of this scale are available as a managed service or as an owned and operate model. MyComms WiFi has a proven record when delivering WiFi and corporate networks of this scale.


The average worker in the United Kingdom spends up to 5 weeks per year commuting. MyComms WiFi can enhance the passengers travel experience, providing WiFi networks that operate in high speed transportation environments. MyComms WiFi has developed an industry leading managed WiFi solution to enable train operating companies to offer premium connectivity to their passengers from station to train, and train to station, in the most cost effective way, with only one authentication required. MyComms WiFi provides connectivity to the train’s WiFi service provider to enable passengers to connect to the internet from the beginning of their journey to the end with one single log in. Our innovative technology will recognise their device and allow them online automatically when they return to the station, day after day, with a personalised ‘Welcome back’ message.