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MyComms have a vast variety of Connectivity solutions, please choose from the list below to find out in more detail about our services


MyComms┬ácan provide you with safe and secure CCTV solution for your next event, conference, government building, office, or business, the possibilities are infinite. This is a service we can provide …(read more)

Internet Connectivity

Is a term used in the computing industry for connecting a device to another in order to transfer data between the devices. It also refers to network connections such as, routers…(Read More)

Network Security

At MyComms we provide security solutions protecting various types of networks, such as government party conferences, cyber committee meetings, large corporate events…(Read More)


MyComms enables your networks so you can do a live webcast from your next conference, event, stadium or facility…(Read More)


MyComms managed WiFi platform is a highly scalable communications platform which enables services to be managed and implemented in enterprise environments…(Read More)