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RFL 4th Round Challenge Cup Draw

RFL in Plymouth for a live draw on Tuesday the 28th February, BBC Coverage, part of the Challenge Cup 4th Round
RFL Challenge Cup Draw, HMS Bulwark 2017

RFL 4th Round 2017 Challenge Cup Draw, On Royal Navy Ship…

For a few days we’ve been setting up a high-speed Internet feed for the RFL in Plymouth. It has required live broadcasting streamed on the BBC, for a live draw Tuesday the 28th February.

Although the weather has been appalling, and sea has been booming against the shorelines, spirits were high between ship crew and RFL operatives. The setting for the 4th round of the challenge cup draw, was hosted in quite an unusual location, HMS Bulwark. Being one of the two newest amphibious transport docks in the Royal Navy’s Albion-Class, primarily designed to deliver marines to shore by air and sea, this was quite the surreal setting to host the 4th round of the 2017 Ladbrokes Challenge Cup draw.

Leading the draw, we had Major Jack Duckitt Royal Marines (Chairman Royal Marine Rugby League Association and Vice Chairman Royal Navy Rugby League Association), who was picking the home balls. The Away teams were drawn by former Great Britain and St Helens Captain Paul Sculthorpe.

Another event smoothly docked and harboured, with a MyComms Solution. If you have an event coming up, and want your ship to sail, Click Here to contact us



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